How to call fatJar task multiple times from same

Sorry for the simple question.

I’m using fatJar to create several artifacts. Id like to do it all in one task, but I dont know how to call the fatJar task more than one time from the same eg id like to do

apply plugin: 'fatjar'
  task release(dependsOn: ['fatJar', 'fatJar2]) << {
  where fatJar and fatJar2 are both fatJar tasks

thanks for any help!

Are you referring to this ‘fatjar’ plugin? If yes, it looks like that plugin only adds a single ‘fatJar’ task. But then I don’t understand your question.

Yes thats the plugin.

Sorry, I suspect my question is so easy or so hard it doesnt make much sense.

I know how to make 1 fatJar artifact in a, but not more than one. So I guess the question is "how do I make more than one artifact, using the fatJar plugin, from a single task?

Heres a more complete example of how far Ive gotten:

apply plugin: 'fatjar'
  dependencies {
  compile project(':cdm')
  compile project(':bufr')
  compile project(':grib')
  compile (project(':opendap'))
{ // eliminate servlet
      transitive = false
  compile (project(':visad')) {
 // eliminate original visad.jar
    transitive = false
  runtime ('org.slf4j:slf4j-jdk14:1.6.4')
  jar {
  manifest {
    attributes 'Implementation-Title': 'toolsUI'
  ext {
  ncIdvJar = 'ncIdv-'+version+'.jar'
  webstartWorkingDir = "build/signed"
  webstartDir = webdir + "webstart"
  fatJar {
// does not inherit from parent jar
  archiveName = ncIdvJar
  manifest {
    attributes 'Implementation-Title': ncIdvJar,
     'Implementation-Version': version,
     'Implementation-Vendor': 'UCAR/Unidata',
     'Implementation-Vendor-Id': 'edu.ucar',
     'Built-On': new Date()
  exclude 'DATE'
  // crap from other packages
  exclude 'JDOM*'
  exclude '*.html'
  exclude 'META-INF/*.txt'
  exclude 'META-INF/*.xml'
  exclude 'nom/**'
  exclude 'edu/wisc/**'
  exclude 'visad/**'
  task releaseCdm(dependsOn: ['fatJar']) << {
  println "copy " + ncIdvJar + " to " + ftpdir
  copy { // does not give error message
    from 'build/libs/' + ncIdvJar
    into ftpdir


It all depends on if and how the ‘fatjar’ plugin supports multiple ‘fatJar’ tasks. At first sight, I’d say it doesn’t, but I recommend to ask the author of the plugin. Or you don’t use the plugin and declare your own ‘fatJar’ tasks.

Well, I need to use the fatJar plugin, which has the fatJar task.

Is there a way to wrap that task in one of my own?

Is there a way to wrap that task in one of my own?

If the plugin provides a new task type, you can declare multiple tasks of that type. But it seems to add a single ‘Jar’ task, in which case you are left with that. Of course you can declare additional ‘Jar’ tasks yourself.