How to best organize distribution files?

I’m writing a plugin for a native project, but I’ve stumbled on something that I believe applies to most build types. What is the best way to organize extra files to include in distributions? In Java, I guess the usual solution is to place it in the src/component/resources directory, and it gets added to the JvmAssembly and consequently to the final Jar file.

There isn’t a NativeAssembly class (yet, I saw a TODO in, and I think I might be able to help with the implementation, but I’ll probably need some pointers). As a consequence, I don’t think there’s a direct mapping to JvmResources (and there would probably be a directory name clash).

My solution for now was to create a “sysfiles” source set, that’s a sort of “native resources” source set. I’m not sure this is the best solution. Considering that these files aren’t processed by the build (only added to the distributions), should they be organized differently?

What would a more “Gradle way” to organize distribution files?