How to assign individual tasks in a multi-task plugin to individual projects?

We use Oracle ATG Commerce and have created many tasks that manage gradle projects or the equivalent ATG modules. We have divided the tasks up into ‘global’ tasks which only get run from the root project (but may not necessarily be tied to the root/parent project), and project level tasks. So we have 2 plugins: ATGProject and ATGModule, each having a number of individual tasks. We apply the ATGProject to the root project and the ATGModule to all projects. The issue we now have is that we want to apply some tasks in either plugin to only 1 or a select set of projects. We wanted to avoid having 50+ plugins for a 1 plugin : 1 task scenario that would work but would be major overhead in configuration. So we have 2 extremes and we are using the easiest to configure and manage except for the case we have above. Is there another way to assign tasks from within a plugin to individual projects only or is there another best practice to packaging into plugins when we have this many tasks ?