How to add Gradle source dependencies to the current project as sources

Hi all,

At the moment I’m trying to integrate Gradle source dependencies.
This Gradle plugin downloads sources from the repo and successfully builds a jar, but two questions are in place:

  1. Is it possible somehow to add downloaded project from external repo to the project’s ‘sourceSets’ ?
    So it can be used in Intellij Idea for instance, cause code in the IDE is in red color.

  2. Is it possible now to download project from the private GitHub repo?

Thanks in advance

Looks like there is no convenient way to add eternal repo as a sourceSet.
Gradle downloadw external repo into the folder
which is not in the sub-project folder.
For the future plugin development it would be great that the dependent module will be copied into “source-dependency” folder) under “build” folder of the sub-project (or it could be configured) and instead of commit hash a tag name will be used.
In that case it would have been convenient to configure and to add it to project’s “sourceSets” config.

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