how to access jar inside trunk folder in artifactory using gradle

We have two below jars and respective path in our artifactory

  1. idl-enginex-cache-1.0.201906200816.jar /1.0.201906200816/idl-enginex-cache-1.0.201906200816.jar

  1. idl-enginex-api-trunk.1.0.201911130401.jar

And in my gradle file

implementation ("com.mycomp:idl-enginex-cache:1.0.201906200816")
implementation ("com.mycomp:idl-enginex-api:trunk.1.0.201911130401")

When i do gradle build, it is says could not able to resolve com.mycomp:idl-enginex-cache:1.0.201906200816 . However, i have no issues with idl-enginex-api jar.

Only difference i see is the difference in the artifactory path idl-enginex-cache:1.0.201906200816.jar is inside trunk folder.

How to resolve this issue ?