How gradle services can help in setting up build environment for our organization?

(Bakkiaraj Murugesan) #1


IN my organization, we are using make template based build environment with dependency calculation done by complex perl + awk scripts. Scripts resolves the comp/lib dependency for app / exe and then calls gmake on every comp finally to app directory.

On windows, we are using Cygwin for the build but its very very slow and sometimes we have build failure due to cygwin corruption. On Linux, it works fine but parallel builds are not stable , very hard to debug build issues.

We are semiconductor industry, our major compilers are armcc, xtensa, Keil, VS and Javac. In some cases, we need to mix armcc + xtensa compilers (both the build outputs .elf will be fed into inhouse tools to generate a combined boot binary). Our SW projects are bare metal projects runs on the SoC without any OS.

We also need to deliver different binaries for different customers based on the customer environment, As of now, its managed with compiler flags (-D) and our build system provides option to enable / disable this flags based on environment variables.

I am looking for gradle enterprise services, who can help up moving our build environment to gradle without loosing existing build system’s functionalities.

How can I proceed?

Bakkiaraj M