How do I set up subproject builds using the osgi plugin?

I’m having trouble with the osgi plugin when used in a multi project build. It seems that if I don’t set a version property, the jar in a subproject build is output correctly, but with the wrong filename for our environment. If I set the version property, I end up with a build error, and a jar file that’s named right but has no contents.

The error with stack trace is:

The main build.gradle file:

The subproject gradle file:

If I remove the version specification, it works fine. If I add it back in, it fails with the error above. What’s more is that I have a regular single-project build where all this works fine, including the versioning. It seems that something with the subproject build is causing the issue.

I’ve run out of ideas at this point and I’m looking for some help on how to resolve it.


Moving the version specification in the root project’s build.gradle file out of the all projects{…} block and into the main body of the file seems to do the trick.