How do I read the metadata about each artifact’s origin for cached artifacts?

In the page:

Welcome to the new Gradle Dependency Cache(

there is a bullet point that states:

Identify and maintain metadata on each artifact’s origin

My question is, is there any way to get at this meta data from a build script? My use case is that I would like to determine the origin of a cached artifact that is no longer in the repository. I am almost certain that I know what repository this cached artifact was originally obtained from however it would bolster my case if I could prove this using meta data that I believe is contained in the ~/.gradle/cache

There are a couple of files the cache directory that would hint that this data is kept:

ls caches/modules-2/metadata-2.6/ artifact-at-repository.bin artifact-at-url.bin descriptors module-metadata.bin

Is it possible to obtain information on a cached artifact about where it was originally obtained from?

This is internal information that, to my knowledge, isn’t currently exposed.