How do I clean up an application when sending an interrupt (ctrl+c) when using the application plugin?

(Matt Bellinger) #1

I am running an application on the command line with the gradle application plugin and the ‘run’ task. It connects to a database and does transactions using a JPA EntityManagerFactory and EntityManagers. One issue I am seeing is that quite often when I ctrl+c the application and it is mid-transaction, it leaves behind the connection in postgres. I tried adding a shutdown hook to the application to close the entityManagerFactory, but that does not seem to help, it seems as if the shutdown hook is not running.

Any advice?

(Andrii Kovalov) #2

Have you found answer to this?

(Matt Bellinger) #3

I never did find a solution. A coworker noticed it seemed to only happen when running from gradle within Cygwin. So I just avoid Cygwin these days.