How can another programm get a list of the published artifacts of a module?

We want another programm to create a list of all artifacts published by a build. Currently we use the tooling API to retrieve the ProjectPublications from the CradleConnector. But that gives only one entry for each publication, but we want a list all the artifacts with different classifiers. We couldn’t find a way to get a list of the classifiers using the ProjectPublications.

Is there another (better) way to get a list of all published artifacts? If the tooling API is the right way, is there a place in the API, where we could integrate such a functionality. I think, that an extension of ProjectPublications might be OK. Or is such a functionality unwanted and we need to write our own tooling plugin?

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None of the shipped tooling models expose this info; you’ll have to write your own.

There’s a sample in the ‘-all’ distribution of a custom model.