Having problems with maven bom files

(Ramsés Gómez) #1

I’m using

implementation org.springframework.boot:spring-boot-dependencies:2.0.3.RELEASE

to import a maven bom file however when the pom file is generated for the artifact this gets included in the file:


now if I use this dependency in a maven project it fails since it is looking for a jar artifact not a pom
, is this a bug how gradle handles pom files from maven?

(uklance) #2

I would’ve expected


(Ramsés Gómez) #3

Totally agree, I wouldn’t expect it to import a jar artifact in that case, I was able to excluded it in the pom file that using dependency and that did the trick of course but it is just a workaround

so Artifact A uses the spring-boot-dependecy

Articat B (a maven project) uses A as a dependency I exclude spring-boot-dependecies and it works other wise fails

(uklance) #4

Which version of Gradle are you using? I’m assuming 4.6+?


(Ramsés Gómez) #5

Yes correct I’m using 4.8…
Maybe you could also take a look at this: Having problems setting IMPROVED_POM_SUPPORT feature

(Oleksandr Gavenko) #6

IMPROVED_POM_SUPPORT is not what you want if you like to use Spring.

Spring and Gradle developers disagree on BOM semantics:

Gradle 4.6 built-in BOM resolution breaks Spring’s BOMs.

(Ramsés Gómez) #7

It is exactly what I want to use and it works fine except for that