Gradle WeblogicMbean maker for mbean generation


I am trying to generate mbean using WeblogicMbeanMaker. While using MDF i need to pass argument createStub as ‘true’.
I am passing following arguments :
main = “"
args ‘-MDF’,”$projectDir\src\mbean\VocaRoleMapperProvider.xml"
args ‘-files’,"$buildDir\mbean"
args ‘-createStubs’,"true"
args ‘-mbeantypesDir’,’’

Getting error that the options need to be provided.

main = ''
classpath = configurations.weblogicMBean
jvmArgs = ['-Dfiles=' + mBeanGenDir, '-DMDF=' + mBeanGenDir+mdfFile, '-DcreateStubs=true']

use JVM Args

Thanks, i tried -MDF working fine, now when i execute the -MJF option it generates the mbean.jar. Everything generated prefectly except it add lot of extras files(files from wlManagementMBean.jar) into generated weblogic folder.

I have the jar directory into my classpath