Gradle unable to download dependency with special character in version

Having problem fetching a new dependency with Gradle.

Not sure where the problem lies. We are using Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager.

Could not find org.testfx:openjfx-monocle:jdk-11+26.
Searched in the following locations:

This dependency do exist in Maven Central (which we proxy in our Nexus)

Still the dependency is not fetched from Maven Central by Nexus. I then thought this was an Nexus problem. Then I took the artifacts from Maven Central, uploaded them to thirdparty hosted in our Nexus.
Browsing I can see that this dependency is present now in our Nexus using the same URL Gradle tries to access.

Still Gradle complains it cannot find it.

I started speculating perhaps Gradle (or perhaps it is Nexus) could not handle the “+” character in the version. So I uploaded the artifacts again, and this time did not upload the pom, but manually entered groupId,artifactId and version=jdk-11.
Now Gradle was able to fetch the dependency from our Nexus NXRM.

So where does the problem lie?
Maven repository format does not support ‘+’ character in version?
Nexus NXRM does not support ‘+’ character in version?
Gradle does not support ‘+’ character in version?