Gradle stops after configuring first project

I have a multi module project and I’m using the /buildSrc conventions style for my Gradle build (no build.gradle.kts at the root of the project). After going through the configure phase for the first project Gradle finds, it stops with no errors and does not do anything else.

My project has ~18 projects in it. Its builds perfectly fine in its original location. There are not diffs between the two projects.

For some reason the build only does configure on one project and then stops. No error is output or a failure. Image below of what the tail looks like with gradlew build --info . Tried with gradle 7.2 and 7.3. Settings file looks good to me (unchanged from original location) and lists out all projects listed. If I try running gradlew :subproject:build, then that projects configure runs and then gradle stops processing anything else not getting to the build step.

Thoughts on what might be happening here?