Gradle self compile failure for milestone8 snapshot

I just downloaded the milestone-8 snapshot “src” zip and tried “gradlew eclipse” and got some errors with checkstyle in buildSrc. Similar errors for a clone of the git repository.


crotwell$ gradlew eclipse Downloading … Unzipping /Users/crotwell/.gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-1.0-milestone-8-20120206191800+0100-bin/1p8kjimu836gt7dcnqv6eki0o3/ to /Users/crotwell/.gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-1.0-milestone-8-20120206191800+0100-bin/1p8kjimu836gt7dcnqv6eki0o3 Set executable permissions for: /Users/crotwell/.gradle/wrapper/dists/gradle-1.0-milestone-8-20120206191800+0100-bin/1p8kjimu836gt7dcnqv6eki0o3/gradle-1.0-milestone-8-20120206191800+0100/bin/gradle :buildSrc:clean UP-TO-DATE :buildSrc:compileJava UP-TO-DATE :buildSrc:compileGroovy :buildSrc:processResources UP-TO-DATE :buildSrc:classes :buildSrc:jar :buildSrc:assemble :buildSrc:checkstyleMain

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • What went wrong: Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:checkstyle’. > Could not resolve group:commons-beanutils, module:commons-beanutils-core, version:1.8.3.

Required by:

:buildSrc:unspecified >

Could not find group:org.apache, module:apache, version:4. > Could not resolve group:commons-cli, module:commons-cli, version:1.2.

Required by:

:buildSrc:unspecified >

Could not resolve group:org.apache.commons, module:commons-parent, version:11.

Could not find group:org.apache, module:apache, version:4.

  • Try: Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output.


crotwell$ gradlew --version

------------------------------------------------------------ Gradle 1.0-milestone-8-20120206191800+0100 ------------------------------------------------------------

Gradle build time: Monday, February 6, 2012 6:18:00 PM UTC Groovy: 1.8.4 Ant: Apache Ant™ version 1.8.2 compiled on December 20 2010 Ivy: 2.2.0 JVM: 1.6.0_29 (Apple Inc. 20.4-b02-402) OS: Mac OS X 10.7.3 x86_64

Try running with ‘–refresh dependencies --info’ and see what that tells you.

We’re building gradle all of the time, so it’s surprising that it doesn’t work for you. Perhaps a transient issue with one of the remote repositories?

Hum, well with ‘–refresh dependencies --info’ it succeeded. Weird, but I guess I will just move on.

thanks, Philip

Hi Philip,

can you try it again with the flag “–refresh dependencies”. You might just run into GRADLE-2086

regards, René