Gradle master not building


I have forked the gradle repo to prepare a contribution. When I clone the master of my fork and try

./gradlew install -Pgradle_installPath=mypath

I get an error:
> Task :buildSrc:buildquality:compileKotlin

w: /vcs/gradle/gradle/buildSrc/subprojects/buildquality/src/main/kotlin/org/gradle/gradlebuild/buildquality/incubation/IncubatingApiReportTask.kt: (307, 43): Parameter ‘srcDir’ is never used

I am building with jkdk11 on mac.

Can you please give me guidance how to avoid this?

Hi Markus,

What you are pointing to seems to be a warning. Does the build fail or does installing Gradle succeed? Which commit are you trying to build?


Hi Stefan, yes, sorry - I saw afterwards, that the error was another one, I can build gradle locally - everything’s fine.

I am trying to find a fix for a bug of mine:, which is really annoying us at the moment.