Gradle 8 upgrade tests are not running

After gradle 8 upgrade our dist task not running tests, all tests used to run with gradle 7.5, when I saw logs it seems it’s not even kicking :test tasks for modules, I’m clueless here as it used to run tests in gradle 7.5…

What would be the fix or even for that matter how debug why tests are not running…don’t say change test sources bla bla as it used to work with 7.5

Really hard to guess what your build is doing without you showing any code you use.
dist is something custom you or one of the plugins you use added.
So impossible to guess what might have changed to change the behavior.

Thanks for quick reply, could you please let me know how to debug…I mean need help to debug…I know I’m not showing code, in general I’m just asking …as I don’t know how we can debug test task…like before or after…even I’m not sure of Life cycle of test task…

If you go to The Java Plugin and scroll up to the image right after the linked heading, you see the normal standard lifecycle. build depends on check which depends on test.

How to debug in 7.5 why the test task is executed, I cannot tell you. You probably need to dive very deep in Gradle code and debug it to find out. It is usually easier to just read the build with a knowing eye.