Gradle 5.0 - Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration compileClasspath

Currently I am on gradle 4.10.2, but am anticipating having to move to gradle 5.0

I have the following gradle files in my project:
settings.gradle: (in acfs, i.e. root, folder) = “acfs”
include ‘s/p/w/manager:code’
include ‘s/p/w/manager:distribution’

build.gradle: (in acfs/s/p/w/manager/code folder)
apply from: “$projectDir/…/…/common.gradle”
apply plugin: ‘war’

war {
    // Note: this also determines the context path.
    archiveName "${}.war"

    from('src/main/web/resources') {
        into 'resources'
        include '**/*'

From a command prompt at the acfs folder, if I run ‘gradle clean build --warning-mode all’ I get the following warning:
The project name ‘s/p/w/manager’ contains at least one of the following characters: [ , /, , :, <, >, ", ?, *, |]. This has been deprecated and is scheduled to be removed in Gradle 5.0. Set the ‘’ or adjust the ‘include’ statement (see[]) for more details).

Trying to address the above warning, following what is suggested in the above link, I modify settings.gradle to: = “acfs”
include ‘s/p/w/manager:code’
include ‘s/p/w/manager:distribution’
project(’:s/p/w/manager’).name = “manager”

If I then run ‘gradle clean build --warning-mode all’ I no longer get the warning, however, I get the following error:
Could not determine the dependencies of task ‘manager:code:compileJava’.

Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ‘:manager:code:compileClasspath’
Project :manager:code not found.

If I instead modify settings.gradle to, based on = “acfs”
include ‘s:p:w:manager:code’
include ‘s:p:w:manager:distribution’

When I then run ‘gradle clean build --warning-mode all’ it is successful, and there are no warnings. However, the build artifact is not generated

What am I doing wrong in settings.gradle, and/or, is there something I need to modify in the build.gradle file

After spending several days getting nowhere, I figured out what I was doing wrong about an hour after posting this facepalm . I needed to update the value of project.ext.artifactFrom in a common.gradle file