Gradle 4.4-rc-4 is now available for testing

(Jendrik Johannes) #1

Gradle 4.4 RC4 is available for testing; see the release notes.

(Surender Bandi) #2

Play subproject configuration is not working throwing exception at routing.
My Exception is below, my sub project name is playservice and route file name of subproject is playservice.routes

Task :compilePlayBinaryScala
Pruning sources from previous analysis, due to incompatible CompileSetup.
C:\Tools\Liaison\G2\workspace\sample_poc\AkkaAndPlay\g2-play-nucleus\build\src\play\binary\routesScalaSources\router\Routes.scala:20: not found: value playservice
playservice_Routes_0: playservice.Routes,
C:\Tools\Liaison\G2\workspace\sample_poc\AkkaAndPlay\g2-play-nucleus\build\src\play\binary\routesScalaSources\router\Routes.scala:31: not found: value playservice
playservice_Routes_0: playservice.Routes,

(Jendrik Johannes) #3

Thanks for reporting this @surenderbandi. Does your project work with Gradle 4.3.1? I am having trouble to reproduce the issue. Can you share a minimal example project for the issue?

(Surender Bandi) #4

@jendrik Thanks for looking into my concern.
My project was not working at all with 4.3.1 (runPlayBinary issues) and when i try with 4.4-rc-3 it worked fine.
Then I tried with adding sub project, its failing again.
I have also followed “”.
Can you share me your sample project so that I can compare with mine?

Here is my project,

(Eric Wendelin) #5

To rephrase to ensure I understand the current situation:

  • Your Play project was not working with Gradle 4.3.1
  • It began working starting with Gradle 4.4 RC3 for a single project Play build
  • It never worked with Gradle 4.4 RC1+ for a multi-project Play build

Is that correct?

(Surender Bandi) #6

yes I have used 4.4 RC3 and RC4 for multi project and failed to work