Gradle 2.13-rc-1 is now available for testing

Cedric, I can confirm that that your version fixes the issue for Java 7&8, on both 32 and 64 bits JVMs. Did a quick check on our main (61 modules) project, and everything seems ok. Thanks a lot!

Sterling: interesting, I did not run Gradle in windows xp mode, but i use conEmu with powershell. I had tested a simple cmd inside conEmu to no avail, but testing on a ‘raw’ cmd works without any problem… Cedric, out of curiosity, do you have more info on the fix you applied?

Great. The fix is actually pretty simple: I’m capturing the exception thrown from the JVM, and check if the error is an internal one. If so, it means we’re facing this JDK bug: JDK-8046686

In that case, we’re just falling back to the old behavior, that is not supporting symlinks.

Thanks for the info Cedric (in particular the JDK bug, as it prevents me from using symlinks for my JDK installations).

The glitch I mentioned above is still there in rc-2. Otherwise everything is fine.

Achievement unlocked: rc-2 tested before announcement has been posted. :smiley:

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@huxi: Thanks for checking. We decided to defer a proper fix for your reported issue to Gradle 2.14 to avoid introducing potential side-effects.

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