For when is the implementation of scheduled?

For when is the implementation of scheduled?

This issue is not currently scheduled.

Hi, thanks for the quick response. Are there any alternative means for achieving inclusion of only the transitive dependencies of a project, so that i could write something like that:

dependencies {

earlib project(’:ejb’).getConfigurations().runtime //does not work because access to dependencies from //other projects via configuration references is not yet implemented

deploy project(’:ejb’) }

Hi Daz,

I’ve already tried a couple of workarounds but none has worked. I think that this is a quite important feature if gradle tries to attract maven users and I can’t believe that only a couple of people are interested in this feature. Is it that hard to implement or why has it been postponed for such a long time?

Cheers, Fabian

It hasn’t been a high priority for us, or for any of our paying customers. There’s always way too much to do and too little time.

If you’d like to push this forward, I’d suggest you:

1. Update and test the pull request that is attached to the issue. You’ll need to update it for the latest Gradle sources and make sure that this solves your problem.
2. Resubmit the pull request, and post something on the developers mailing list.

Sorry, the pull request has been declined without giving any details. According to the commit log, it was quite a lot of work somebody probably has done in his free time and I do not want to share his fate. I’ll stick to maven for the time being.