Failed to write new pom with distributionManagement.repository

I am using gradle 2.1 and trying to use the maven plugin to write a pom file.

However, whenever I have the repository closure inside the distributionManagement, it will throw the following exception:

Execution failed for task ‘:core:writeNewPom’. > Cannot cast object ‘org.apache.maven.model.Repository@47a5ea25’ with class ‘org.apache.maven.model.Repository’ to class ‘org.apache.maven.model.DeploymentRepository’

apply plugin: 'maven'
  task writeNewPom << {
    pom {
        project {
            inceptionYear '2014'
            distributionManagement {
                repository {
                    id 'maven'
                    name 'Maven'
                    url 'xxxxxxxx'
                snapshotRepository {
                    id 'snapshots-maven'
                    name 'Snapshots Maven'
                    url 'xxxxxxxx'

It is working fine if I remove the repository closure.


Can anyone help with that? I have exactly the same problem :confused:

Thanks, Czarek