Exploded War and Hotswap/Jrebel

I have been searching on this forum and found multiple topics, yet none of them seem to work correctly.

We have a project in gradle where we build a war using the war plugin.
The build itself goes fine but it’s during development where things need to change.

We are using the latest IntelliJ version and in maven we would build and deploy our war locally as a exploded war.
This allowed us to use things like Hotswap and JRebel.

As it stands now the Gradle build does not seem to correctly build a exploded war (there is no exploded folder in build/libs)
I tried creating a Copy task that would mimick that functionality (as stated in other topics) but it does not seem to work with either Hotswap (java 11) or JRebel.

For Jrebel there is a gradle plugin but I find it weird to define configs in my build.gradle for a plugin that is only used in development and not all developers have a license (they are expensive)

Is there any better way to build and start a exploded war from IntelliJ and still be able to use Hotswap?