Examples in Gradle docs all missing?!

I’m new to Gradle, and am going through the docs here:


Assuming this is the correct URL, perhaps someone can explain how the examples work. For example, it says:

task taskX {
    dependsOn 'taskY'
    doLast {
        println 'taskX'
task taskY {
    doLast {
        println 'taskY'

and below:

Output of gradle -q taskX

gradle -q taskX

That’s not the output. Where’s the output? I’d find it easier to follow if I could visually check what I think any given instruction/example did against the output rather than what looks like a bad link. Every example is the same. The PDF has the same problem. What am I missing here? It’s as if the include:: is an instruction to whatever is producing the docs to include some text.

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Hi @alexWasTaken - this is a bug in our documentation generation that we’ll get fixed up right away.

If you take a look at the previous release, you’ll see the right output: https://docs.gradle.org/6.4.1/userguide/tutorial_using_tasks.html


It’s fixed now! Many thanks!