Enhancement: a new, bash-friendly name for build/

For tab completionistas, it stinks that the build/ directory has a name very similar to build.gradle. Quick typing like vi build[TAB] ideally completes to vi build.gradle, but actually raises an annoying prompt to disambiguate build/ vs build.gradle. In the interest of faster Gradle configuration tweaking, consider a more distinct name for the build directory, similar to how Maven uses pom.xml vs target/ for its configuration file and build directory respectively.

… is it too late to do this in Gradle 3?

A workaround you could do in your own projects is setting buildDir to something of your choosing.

Gradle allows you to customize both the name of the build folder as well as the name of the build file of each project. The default is very unlikely to change, as it would be a major disruption for all Gradle users.