EnableGradleWorkers not set

I’m trying to build an app that hasn’t been touched in a few months and after updating Android Studio and all that fun stuff to get it running, I am getting the error

No value has been specified for property 'enableGradleWorkers'.

I looked up this issue and only found this answer to an open issue and went ahead added android.enableGradleWorkers=true to my gradle.properties file. I then cleaned the project and attempted to rebuild but keep getting the same error.

I’ve also attempted to clear out the cache folder in ~/.gradlew/caches/ and that didn’t change anything.
I’ve tried to clear gradle cache using cleanBuildCache, and that didn’t help.
I’ve tried to build both with the gradle command and via Android Studio and both produce this

What is causing this and why isn’t Gradle respecting my changes made to gradle.properties?