eclipseClasspath SKIPPED as task onlyIf is false, missing .classpath, how to resolve?

When running ./gradlew eclipse in then I do get the .project but the .classpath is missing. It says “eclipseClasspath SKIPPED” (whereas no SKIPPED for eclipseJdt, eclipseProject, xtendEclipseSettings, eclipse). With an -i I see something about “as task onlyIf is false”, but that doesn’t mean much to me.

For some reason it seems to think that it should not generate the .classpath but I want it, it’s missing! :wink: How to “force” it / convince it that it has to be generated? - Where is the “source” of eclipseClasspath so that I can “see” the definition of its onlyIf? How to see the runtime details of the underlying onlyIf expression evaluation to understand the root cause?

Duh! Just in case anyone else ever finds this post from a Google search, the problem here was “just” this in build.gradle: