Easier way of registering nested modules

In one of my projects, I make extensive use of Gradle’s module system. I even have modules nested within other modules. This has proved to be very useful. However, it’s very awkward to register these modules within Gradle. For example, imagine a module structure something like this:

- a
    - b
            - x
            - y
            - z

In this example, the registering those modules looks like this:

import "a",

This is pretty repetitive and makes changing a module’s name very awkward. My immediate thought was to add a settings.gradle in each module that would define its direct children, but that doesn’t seem to be supported. In my application, I ended up defining the module structure within a series of maps and using some Groovy to parse that out into the flattened version. However, this feels pretty icky. Is there a better way?