Domain Verification through TXT record

To verify the ownership of the domain my plugin group is referencing, I have received an (automated I presume) mail from the gradle team to add a TXT record to that domains DNS, but I cannot get it to work.

The mail states, that I should add a "TXT record with value “gradle-verification=" to your DNS". I do not understand under which host I would create this. Am I supposed to create a TXT record with the value “*********************************" and the host “” ( as an example here), or one with a host of “@” or "” and the value "gradle-verification=”?.

I have tried both and neither seem to work. I am also very sure, that every time the DNS record has already propagated, since I set a timeout of 5min and I always received the rejection mail several hours (12 today) after plugin submission.

I have very limited knowledge of DNS so any help or tips would be very much appreciated

Go to, put in “” as domain and submit the form, than you see various verification TXT entries how they should look like. Then do the same with your domain and check whether you set it up correctly.