Different gradle version for producer and consumer

This may be a simple question, but I am looking for clarity on a common use case. If a library was built using one version of gradle wrapper, and the app that consumes the library (binary from nexus repo) is built with another version of gradle wrapper - which gradle version is used? My gut’s telling me that only the consumer’s gradle wrapper version plays an active role in this case. I couldn’t find any literature on this though.

The Gradle version for a project is only relevant at build time. Once the binary published to Nexus, the version of Gradle used for that project has no role at all. This is unlikely to be called out in literature because this is across boundaries that can’t be crossed.

Real world example:
I order a cooked chicken breast from a restaurant. Once home, I add broth and vegetables to make a stew. Which stove is used to make the stew, the restaurant’s or mine? Definitely mine because the restaurant didn’t send me home with their stove. Gradle versions are the stoves here.

Just as I suspected. Thank you!