Customizing the up-to-date check in gradle

(kiran_anantha) #1

Hello, I have a large legacy code base that I am building using a series of ant tasks. The ant tasks compile a few packages of java classes at a time to avoid taking up a huge amount of memory. I allocate memory to the ant tasks and control the memory/packages so as to get the desired memory/time taken balance.

But the gradle up-to-date check still gets performed and this takes up a huge amount of memory (GRADLE_OPTS=2G).

Since I cannot tackle the ant compile memory settings (requires code refactoring), I am looking to reduce the GRADLE_OPTS at least. And for that I want to use a different up-to-date check since that is taking a lot of memory. How can I rewrite the up-to-date spec so it is similar to the way ant works?

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

Gradle’s incremental build and Ant’s incremental compilation are very different things. To turn off the former, you can do ‘tasks.withType(Compile) { outputs.upToDateWhen { false } }’. To enable the latter, see CompileOptions, specifically ‘setUseDepend()’ and ‘getDependOptions()’. Note that ‘useDepend’ needs to be used together with ‘useAnt’.