Create ipa file instead of .app file xcode gradle


I am trying to make a build in xcode (iOS mobile app) ,

I can able to make .app file in build/sym/realse-iphoneos folder

but I want to create .ipa file instead of .app file could you please guide me in this

here I am sending my Build script code:

buildscript { repositories { maven { url(‘’) } mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath group: ‘org.openbakery’, name: ‘xcodePlugin’, version: ‘0.9.+’ } } apply plugin: ‘xcode’

xcodebuild { workspace = ‘Test.xcworkspace’ configuration=‘Release’ sdk = ‘iphoneos’ target = ‘Test’ signing { identity = ‘iPhone Distribution: Republic Services Inc. (YKXBJ5R297)’ certificateURI = ‘file://localhost/Users/deltatechnology/Desktop/Cer/EmployeeDirectory/PrivateKey.p12’ certificatePassword = ‘Password’ mobileProvisionURI = ‘file://localhost/Users/deltatechnology/Desktop/Cer/EmployeeDirectory/Employee_Directory_Adhoc-3.mobileprovision’