Configure ActiveJDBc instrumentation with gradle

(Jose Ayerdis) #1

Hi I ave been looking at activejdbc and it depends on instrumentation to work , they give example both in Ant and maven on how to do it, but I still have not been able to translate this into gradle. I read the maven plugin but I could not figure how to do the same can you help me out?


(Szczepan Faber) #2

Hey Jose,

If there isn’t any Gradle plugin for Activejdbc the first thing I would try is use activejdbc ant tasks in Gradle. Gradle natively speaks with ant tasks - take a look in the user guide how Groovy ant builder can be used to map any ant tasks into Gradle tasks.

Hope that helps!

(emacadie) #3

If you are still trying to get this, have a look at