Composite build substitution and testFixtures


My structure is :

  • a git repo defining a library multi project
  • a git repo defining an application project

I’m using a composite build including both projects

Today, I just rework the library to introduce testFixtures.
In the application project I need to consume these jars and I’m facing an error inside intelij idea.
When I refresh the model I got :

  • Could not resolve cocktail.libs:gfc-admin:gfcbase.CI.+. when I use testImplementation testFixtures(“cocktail.libs:gfc-admin:${libVersion}”)
  • Could not find gfc-admin-test-fixtures.jar (project :lib-gfc:gfc-admin). when I use testImplementation “cocktail.libs:gfc-admin:${libVersion}:test-fixtures”

I don’t understand why the substitution rule doesn’t apply here. Same group, same project name ; the only difference comes from an outgoing variant.

And what is the best practice to declare my dependencies : testFixtures method ou maven qualifier ?

I’m wondering if the issue is from idea or not :confused:

thank you