Composite Build from different folders in the same superfolder?

Hello everyone!

I want to give it a try to implement Microservices and I want to chose from the beginning an organization that is very modular and extensible. Also I would like to outsource things like an API Gateway that are used in a multitude of projects and then include them in a Composite Build.

I think it would be wise to have a folder for all my Java projects and then a folder for all my Microservice projects where I would have a folder for every project and its subprojects.

There is an example in the docs on incorporate different git repositories. My question is, if the same is possible with just folders in the same superfolder.

Or if you know a good approach to organize Microservice projects with gradle in an extensible way (pretend that you never know how things will develop) please let me know.

I hope this question fits this forum. If not, please tell me too.


von Spotz

Whether Gradle projects are within a Git repository or not is totally unimportant.
Gradle does not know anything about Git.
Except if you use some plugin that is Git aware like a plugin doing commits or reading information from the history.
But core Gradle knows nothing about any VCS.
So yes, “just” having them in different folders is exactly the same in that regard.