Caching dependencies in S3 repository

I have a Nexus server but am looking into decommissioning it. I noticed Gradle can use Amazon S3 as a repository and that would be perfect for me. I really like the idea of not having to maintain a server and just use existing infrastructure.
But my Nexus solves two problems.

  1. I can publish private artifacts to it. This seems to be fully supported :slight_smile:
  2. Nexus caches artifacts from mvncentral. This is handy if the artifact is removed from mvncentral (or is updated in a breaking way). It is also considered good practice to avoid putting load too much load on mvncentral. This does not seem to be supported :frowning:

Now to my question. Is there a way to have Gradle use both S3 and mvncentral repositories. But when a artifact is missing from S3 (but present in mvncentral) then make Gradle cache it on S3.