Building a VS2010 .NET application -- msbuild vs devenv etc - which to use?

I need to set up a build for a Visual Studio VS2010 .NET application. In the past I’ve used Gradle to wrap devenv.exe for building VS2008 applications, but want to check what the best build tool would be for VS2010.

Can anyone recommend whether devenv or msbuild (or something else) would be best to use from within a Gradle build script?

I can recommend msbuild.

Thanks for the quick reply! I hear msbuild has features that overlaps Gradle somewhat (e.g. dependency management). Nevertheless my intention would then be to use msbuild just for the .NET specific things (e.g. compiling C#) but use Gradle for managing dependencies and other more general things. If you see any potential problems with that, please let me know. Thanks again!