Build Failed when executing the file

When i try to execute this command “gradlew setupdecompworkspace” it always gives me this error and i dont know what to to. I also setup “Environment Variables” in the Windows settings. I followed every step in this video: HOW TO BUILD A MINECRAFT CLIENT FROM GITHUB. | USING GRADLE - YouTube
Here´s the error message i always get.
Thanks in advance.
Screenshot 2022-11-06 150910

Well, the error means that you do not have that task you try to run.
Make sure you followed the turorial you are using properly.
Without you providing your build scripts, or an MCVE it is hard for people here to advise you anything.

So if i understand this correctly you need the build.gradle file? Or do you need the folder with all files in it?

Probably easiest and safest if you can provide the whole project if you do not manage to produce an MCVE.