Best jmeter plugin that can run JUnit 5 Suite to do load test

Is there a good example code which run JUnit 5 Test Suite using JMeter Load Test using kolting DSL…

I tried what chatGPT gave

plugins {
id(“de.qualersoft.jmeter”) version “1.4.0”

jmeter {

testPlan {
    threads {
        threadGroup(name = "JUnit Test Thread Group", threads = 10, rampUp = 5, loop = 2) {
            junitSampler(name = "JUnit 5 Sampler", className = "com.example.MyJUnit5TestSuite")


This is the perfect syntax I am looking for however this syntax does not work,as it says testPlan unresolved

Can any recommend any other plugin that is close syntax as this…

Don’t use ChatGPT.

The only things it is good for, are things you could actually do yourself but are too lazy. (The good lazy, not the bad one)
ChatGPT is not good at providing correct answers.
It is only good at providing answers that look correct.
You have to exactly understand what it did, evaluate what it did, and fix up what it messed up.
Additionally, its data base is more than 2 years old which is ages in computer time, especially with a fast evolving software like Gradle.
It also often makes up things like method calls on APIs that never existed.

For example the version 1.4.0 in your answer never existed for that plugin.
After 1.0.0 came 2.0.0 as you can see at Gradle - Plugin: de.qualersoft.jmeter.

It is not for nothing that ChatGPT answers are for example banned from StackOverflow.

And google for “lawyer USA ChatGPT” and you will find a recent case where a lawyer tried to “find” precents using ChatGPT which totally made up cases that looked perfectly authentic down to the details like file numers, quotes, and so on. The lawyer used it unchecked and now is blamed for deception.

Instead use the docs of that plugin to learn how to use it.