Azure Pipelines Git Authentication

I have been using Gradle to build an Android Lib, and Axion-Release (Gradle Plugin) to version it.

I’m doing all of this using Azure DevOps Pipelines from Microsoft, using YAML Pipelines.

The Plugin uses Git Tags for versioning, so it needs to push some stuff back to Azure Repos (Git), and it doesn’t authenticate to Git, I tried following docs from all the solutions involved, Gradle, Azure Pipelines, Git, Axion, and till now, without success.

> org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.TransportException: https://{Organization}{Azure-Collection}/{Azure-Project}/_git/{repo-name} : not authorized

For now I’m studying, trying to find an explanation for this problem.

I came accross some docs telling me to give more permissions to the VSTS Agent, which I did.

On the Plugin docs, there’s some info on Azure Pipelines, but it doesn’t helped as well.

I need any help I can get on how to do this. Any docs, forum answers, info, experience, will do, really!

I was able to pass a predefined Azure Devops Variable called System.AcessToken, to the custom Password option, and “Azure Devops Services”.