Artifact with classifiers resolution problem

I’ve upgraded to m8 after a night build of m8. Now I’m having a problem of fetching dependencies with classifiers.

E.g. I’ve uploaded from another project an artifact “foo” with group id “” with classifier “cl” of a new version ‘x’. m8 fails to find this artifact saying that it cannot find it. However, the nightly build of m8 from some time ago (ca. 3 weeks) is fetching the dependency successfully.

There is a related problem though. If I upload an artifact for the same snapshot version, none of the m8 gradle versions (nor previsous ones) is able to fetch the new artifact although the resolution strategy is set to 0.

Are there any tricks? Am I missing something?

Thanks, Vyacheslav

For your first problem, there is a somewhat critical issue with the artifact cache in m8. See the following links for some more info:

1.0-milestone-8 migration guide section on this issue (and the two jiras references)

forum thread on the same subject

and lastly, the following post which mentions that a bug fix release labeled 8a is in the works the next couple of days.

We had a lot of issues resolving artifacts after migrating to m8 and they all in the end turned out to be caused by this issue.

Hope that helps.

The last link doesn’t work as getsatisfaction decided to fold that comment. Pasting a quote from Daz instead: > … > PS We’re planning to release a bugfix milestone-8a very soon, which will

address the serious cache issues in milestone-8.