Application Plugin produces archives that are marked by Google Chrome as DANGEROUS

hi all!
I build my java-based app with Gradle. it’s a simple web app written in Java+Vaadin and wrapped in a WAR file along with two scripts in the ZIP archive:

  • bin/launcher.bat
  • bin/launcher

here is the download link:
and he is build.gradle file for “launcher” submodule in my project (it has many other modules as well):

unfortunately, recent Google Chrome versions started marking the distributive ZIP file as “not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous”. and default action in Chrome is “Discard”. this scares away many potential users.

I submitted a question on google product forums about why the file is marked as “not common”? what is “not common” about a webapp with a BAT file launcher next to it??!
I assume this is an “improvement” in Chrome…

unfortunately, I’m afraid this “improvement” is not going away from Chrome so you should be aware that applications packaged by Gradle Application plugin are hardly usable anymore - many/most users can just click “discard” and not search for that tiny-tiny arrow and then “Keep” menu item.

I verified that if I delete “launcher” scripts from the ZIP then it can be downloaded without warnings.

my environment:

  • workstation: Windows 7 64bit, Google Chrome 43.0.2357.132 m
  • distributive is built with Gradle 2.5 on Ubuntu 14 OS.