[ANN] gradle-pitest-plugin 0.30.1 available (integration with PIT Mutation Testing tool)


I’m pleased to announce that gradle-pitest-plugin 0.30.1 has been released.

The plugin allows to use PIT Mutation Testing tool in Gradle-based projects.

This version is focused on the internal Gradle related enhancements:

  • fix: task no longer always up-to-date for empty java source directory set

  • add support for additional test source sets

  • add support for additional main source sets

  • add dynamic task dependencies based on selected test source sets

  • better interoperability with Windows

There is one potential breaking change. A sourceDirs configuration property was removed - a new property mainSourceSets (which much better integrates into Gradle source set convention) should be used instead.

Thanks to Abdulkadir Yaman for the idea with additional test source sets and Tomasz Kogut for tests on a machine with Windows.

The artifacts are available in Maven Central Repository.

More information is available on the project home page: http://gradle-pitest-plugin.solidsoft.info/